Power Over Pain Walk
Revealing the Invisible Struggle of the Pain Community
Sponsored by:
U.S. Pain Foundation & Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association

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The mission is to unite the pain community and generate positive change for the more than 116 million Americans living with chronic pain. Together, we can create awareness and find answers that bring relief and hope for a brighter future for those living with pain.

For more information on the Power Over Pain Walk please contact us.

“Power Over Pain Walk & CommunityFest” sponsored by U.S. Pain Foundation, & RSDSA will benefit the pain community through raising awareness, providing funding for research and educational efforts, and by starting a much needed dialogue between pain warriors and the community.

“It is our goal to honor individuals who live each day with pain while recognizing some of the incredible organizations dedicated to helping the pain community,” said Paul Gileno, Founder of U.S. Pain Foundation.




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